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  • Sandria

About a Woazboarder’s Body and Brain

“Balance Boarding improves your balance.”

Well – this sounds obvious, right? But do you actually know, what else is going on in your body and brain, while you are killin’ it on your loved Woazboard?

Today we will dig a little deeper and explore balance boarding from another perspective.

Human bodies are amazing. I mean, just imagine yourself stepping on your balance board for the first time. The board underneath your feet moves like crazy, you feel like you are riding a bull and your body tries hard to stay centered. But after a few attempts, you manage to finally stay on the board. You feel like you are in control of the movement now.

This process is called motor learning! It happens all the time when we are learning new motor skills. During the process you are going through the following stages:

If you have never tried balance boarding before, you might need instructions first, before stepping on your Woazboard. In this phase, you are probably also dealing with a lot of errors and a high variability of your performance. At this point, the frontal and parietal areas of your brain are overactive, because of the high attentional request. This means, right now you are not able to focus on anything else than this single task.

In the second phase, your movement becomes smoother and less errors occur. This part consists of the consolidation of your motor performance.